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Suspicious act of kindness

One thing that happens as a disabled person is every now & then people give you money. $5, $10 once I received $70. but as you get older/less cute this stops.

The other day a man approached me. He was wearing a business shirt and jeans. He asked how my day was, he says he’s well off and would like to help me. OK?

“I’d like to give you $2000”

He pulls out his phone

“I can make the transfer right now if you give me your bank details.”

I smile and say “That’s OK”

He realises what he just said and thinks for a moment. Hands me his business card.

“OK I’ll meet you in that cafe and I’ll give you it in cash on Monday, Talk to your friends and if you feel ok text me and we can do this.”

We make an arrangement to meet in a cafe close by on Monday. I call 2 friends and tell them what happened. I go home and I google search him. He seems legit.

On Saturday I talk to a handful of friends about the situation. The conversation is fairly cynical at first. “It’s a scam.” “He wants something?” “Was he drunk.” but then the mood changes and it becomes about what if he’s just a nice guy and wants to do something for someone. Couldn’t he go through a charity for that? Maybe he’s been burned by that before. A lot of maybe’s flying around.

What am I going to do with the money? I don’t quite know but if he’s giving it to me to help me out then I can’t use it on junk. I am worried that he’s made a huge mistake and may have been having an odd day.

Sunday I text him and make sure he still wants to meet. I don’t mention the cash because I’m still uneasy about the amount. He wants to meet.

Monday rolls around and I am not having the best day. I am on one crutch because of an accident on Saturday night (that’s another post)my legs are like lead but I make it to the cafe.

He comes in T shirt and jeans and we chat. He tells me quite a bit that I can’t be specific about so I’m going to use broad strokes. He works in a family business and they are very well off. He points out some of their work, His father or father in law is very ill. The family gives to charities often but he wanted to do something more direct. He hands me a packet of notes, total $500, I am relieved that it’s a lesser amount.

He asks about my life and explains he admires me for being active in spite of my disability. I have to say he is very genuine. He smiles the whole time and is actually beaming. There’s no sense of false or cheese. I don’t think it’s pity although I guess on some level it is but I think this guy really enjoys helping people. I spy 3 other packets in his pockets and I’m sure he’s got 3 other people he wants to help. I talk to him about the gym and film making. We shake hands and part ways.

I guess what I learned from this is cynical is easy but believing in an act of kindness is quite hard. It’s nice to know there are people out there in the world like this guy and that’s why I felt I had to share this story.

(Note I haven’t blogged for a while but I’ll try and be more active )


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