Disabled Life

Taxi Driver rip off.

I recently was diagnosed with a small infection and after a quick stay in hospital (3 hours) I went to the pharmacy in a shopping mall and feeling tired I decided to get a taxi home. Now as I am disabled I do get a discount and vouchers that significantly lower the cost. Let’s say I have a $40 dollar cab fare. My mobility card cuts that in half, I can then use a $10 voucher so I end up paying $10 in cash. Many taxi drivers are fairly trust worthy in my experience. However there’s always that one who decides you can afford a little more since you get a discount.

The fare was from Takapuna to Beach Haven, I’m not giving you my address (sorry), as I hop in the cab at the taxi rank I recognise the driver he’s driven me before. As I’m putting my crutches and bag in the car I sit down and the meter has been running for a little while…ok. There’s no GPS but he has driven me home before. The fare should be $30 ish I think. We start driving he asks me which way I want to go “Kaipataki road” I’ve made this trip before but I’m fatigued and on antibiotics. “Which way to Kaipataki?” Dude seriously! He gives me two choices Northcote or Glenfield. Glenfield.The trip then progresses in silence. At some  point I begin to feel like we should be home by now. There isn’t a lot of traffic. Something feels off. Now it costs me $40 dollars at night to get back from the city. Takapuna is closer and should be cheaper. As we get into my drive the cost is 38.50 he turns the motor off $39 and stops the meter.

“19.50” after he swipes my mobility card. I am super pissed but too tired to fight. Fuck you! You ripped me off I know you did and you’re going to pay. I am thinking as I reluctantly hand over the cash & voucher. Yeah it cost me $9.50 and that’s cheap but not the point.

At work I run the trip through a few taxi fare generator sites. $24 to $28 dollars. I can allow a 2 to 3 dollar difference as is normal with these sites. This is 10 to 14 dollars. That’s quite a lot and  it doesn’t really effect my day to day as I make enough. But this guy probably does this to other disabled people and clearly gets away with it. Currently I have rung the taxi company and laid a complaint. I know where he parks his cab and I plan to confront him about this.

Always check your fares online and maybe google map the route as well. Most of the time I ask the driver to use the GPS. It just wasn’t an option this time.


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