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Diary of a bet!

On Wednesday I was reading about the New Zealand vs England cricket match starting on Thursday night NZ time. New Zealand has been playing well and have some good players. England are going through a rough patch. I was surprised to see New Zealand as the underdog. Then I saw the odds. England were at $2.25 and New Zealand $3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’ve followed cricket for a long time, I’m reasonably knowledgeable, I could afford a flutter of $50.

There is a betting place on the way home. As I journey there I am weighing up everything. If I win that’s $150 which would effectively cover a week and a bit of miscellaneous purchases coffee’s, bus pass, crutch tips and a movie. If I lose that’s 2 movies I won’t be seeing. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I have a quiet weekend planned. A trip to the gym Sat and Sun and a few films to watch recorded at home. New Zealand have a better team now than in previous games, history makes England the favourite not present form. The only downside is I won’t be able to watch the whole game. Payday is not far away so a loss won’t really hurt.

I place a $50 bet on New Zealand. The guy behind the counter doesn’t even know the game is happening, not a great sign for publicity.

As the game is played in England it starts at 10pm NZ time. It is a test match. For those of you not aware of how cricket is played I’ll try to explain it in as uncomplicated a way as possible.

1This is a test match it is played over 5 days max. It can finish earlier but not later. The close of play is usually around 6pm.

2. Each team bats until ten players of the eleven are out,. Then the other team bat. Each team bats twice. The winner is whomever has the most runs (points) at the end.

3. If the last team batting is still batting at the end of the 5th day the match is ruled a draw.

I’m going to be sleeping during the majority of this game. So I will be relying on highlights to tell me how it’s going.

DAY ONE. We are bowling when I go to bed at 10:15pm. This is great. I go to bed and dream of spending my winnings. 3:30am I am up about an hour early and see that England are in an ok but not winning position. I would have preferred to see crying Englishmen on the screen and rampant New Zealand celebration.My $50 is just ok for now.

DAY TWO I come home from work and at 4:30 decide to have a nap, 2 hours maybe. I wake up at 10pm! New Zealand have removed the last 3 batsmen but they have a big total to catch up. I see them make a solid start before going back to bed. I get up at 7:30. I resist going online and watch Wayward Pines, it’s ok, I can’t wait the highlights are at 9.30 but the results are online right now. New Zealand are behind by a small margin but have a lot of batting to go. YAY! I found out that you can bet at any point during the game and now New Zealand are firm favourites. My $50 is still on track for $150 barring disaster, did I just jinx myself?

DAY 3 The weather is awful. I have 3 Mad Max films to watch as I’ve only seen these films in bits & pieces it seems a good way to fill time till the start of play. The first film is ok, very 70’s and the actual film summary is a summary of the last 30 minutes. Next up is The Road Warrior. according to IMDB Max has 16 lines total in the film. I try to count them and end up making myself sleepy. I go to bed. 3am New Zealand have built a handy lead and taken 2 wickets. Nice.

Day 4 Go and see Fury Road for the second time. I get home have dinner watch some tv. Then I watch Thunderdome. It’s very obvious there is hollywood money involved and I am interested until “We tells the tale and youse best listen so youse can tell the tale to thems not born yet.” Thunderdome turns into Lord of the flies with Mad Max, who is way  more talkative in this one. My interest in the film rapidly plummets due to the Thunderdome kids. I go to bed as I have work in the morning. 4:30am DISASTER! There has been some rain and England have played well. They have a lead and it looks like New Zealand will need to set a record to win. I read the news to see what so called experts think. The Herald is optimistic but then one of their reporters wrote the NZ captain’s autobiography and seems hell bent on them being called our best team ever. Stuff is defeated and pretty much calling it game over in favour of England, but they have an english staff. Cricinfo is calling it delicately poised. I tend to fall in line with Cricinfo. I think we’ll either win or it’ll be a draw. Stupid Thunderdome kids!

DAY 5 This is it! It’s freezing cold and I argue with myself about getting out of bed or grabbing another 20 minutes. But my $50 and I have been separated for a working week now. Will we be reunited? I get up throw a jumper and pants on. The delay between the tv turning on and an image is an eternity. The score…the score damn it! New Zealand have failed. The Herald guy is a damn liar…probably not . He’s just a bit deluded when it comes to the greatness of certain New Zealand captains. I console myself by watching Community and Find me a Maori bride.

Until next time.

Which will be in a couple of weeks. Not doing it again unless I can watch the whole game and sticking to a $50 limit.


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