Disabled Life

A simple procedure

There is a procedure that I have done every 7 months or so. It’s designed to protect my kidneys and involves botox being put into my body, this is the nicest explanation I can give you. I have had this done twice before with no problem. Not so lucky a third time.

It’s performed at the elective surgery clinic. As far as hospitals go it’s nicer then the main hospital there are comfy chairs, nothing looks worn out and things seem to run smoothly. Upon going in you’re subjected to about 3 or 4 interviews where they check that you are who you say you are and you know why you’re there. I go in and a young woman about my height hands me some clothes. The clothes are horrid. You get paper underwear, a gown, a heavy dressing gown, stockings and aqua green wollen socks. The stockings prevent deep vein thrombosis. I wonder how long this has been a thing. You get to keep the socks, which are great in winter.

I’m left alone in the office for a bit. There is a list of anesthetists there. Lots of names and numbers a few without landlines, I guess these are the younger one’s coming through. I’m taking into the waiting area before surgery. There is a woman they are checking on. She’s waiting for someone. She starts sobbing. This doesn’t ease my mind.

I am taken into the surgical ward. The anesthetist is setting things up and I am given the questions again.

Who am I?

When was I born?

What surgery am I receiving today?

I wake upĀ 2 hours later. A nurse is calling my name. Something is different. I have an oxygen mask on. I can see a blood pressure machine. The doctor is not there and my chest is sore on the right side. My blood pressure is up to 170 and my vision is blurring in and out. None of this is normal.

The anesthetist comes out.

“You had a lung spasm at the end of the procedure, I had to hold your jaw open as your vocal chords seized up.”.

My chest is sore because my body was straining for air, I’m glad I did all that extra cardio work recently.

I focus on my breathing taking deep long breaths. I’m trying to get my blood pressure down. There is a lot of talk that it’s not a big deal. Then they bring out an EKG machine. My chest feels like it was stabbed. My vision is getting better.

They are discussing whether I should stay overnight. The EKG test is fuzzy, this is a machine fault not a heart fault which they quickly point out. I opt for staying overnight. Motion carried. I wonder if the anesthetist has his landline on that list. It is getting late, It’s about 8 and the clinic closes at 8:30. My brother & sister are told I’m staying.

I am taken to a single room ward with an ensuite. I still have a breathing tube in my nose, It’s there for the night. My blood pressure drops a little. Eventually stabilising down to 125 (I am dehydrated so that’s normal). I can’t sleep, hospitals are not great places for that. There is light pouring in around the open door and the monitor is beeping every few minutes, I can hear the air tube blowing. I focus on my breathing again. My blood pressure is moving between 140 and 150. I convince myself it’s the lack of air.

A cough brings up some mucus and blood.

The right side of my chest is killing me. Being on crutches I’m very strong around the chest so barely being able to move it is new. Every time I draw breath it hurts.

By 9am I am eating a proper breakfast and I can move without major pain. I get home and I go straight to bed.

The weekend is spent in a chair with minimal movement with some frequent napping.

My next simple procedure is in May.


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