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Martin Crowe

Originally this was a facebook post but I wanted to share the story with more people and expand on it a little. There was no media coverage of this at the time it happened.

One story I have about Martin Crowe. Craig Julich-Serventy and I filmed an interview with him for a producer (Footage now non existent as the producer took it and never called back.) His brother Jeff and I set up a cricket game at Northcote college. The interview was about the Cricket Max concept that they had devised.

Northcote was where I had captained an indoor cricket team and a social cricket XI, the social XI was also the only XI, I sometimes thought of it as “The first XI that turned up.” Being disabled and captaining in cricket I had a bit of attention from media and was able to turn that into something positive for a small school, there were 400 plus when I went there. This was only a few years after I left.

Jeff rang me to say that Martin would be coming. It was a third form vs fourth form cricket game. No media there (apart from Craig and I with a faulty camera). The two brothers played against each other (Martin 3rd form, Jeff 4th form). Martin had retired and his knee brace was almost space age. I remember him smiling during the game and each kid that got to bat with him or bowl against him was having the time of their life. The school setup a commentary table and two students called the game. As Martin batted he sometimes let the ball go through and pushed for singles and then crack! He belted the ball into a wall. It was an incredible show he and Jeff put on, It was quite amazing to see how much joy he brought to everyone involved. His enthusiasm for cricket was still there and I am glad that I got to see it first hand.

I can’t tell you who won but I don’t think that’s important.



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