Disabled Life

The big fall

I have an infection in my right index finger. I can’t get an appointment with my GP and it’s throbbing. So I decide to go to the White Cross. I tag on a bus in the city heading to Takapuna, the bus arrives in Takapuna, once it stops I get up, people are already coming in the front door, I turn to go out the back, I hold up my card to tag off….

I’m on the ground, I can’t move my arms, my face slides along the path while my torso is still in the bus. There’s screaming, someone is holding my crutches, I can see blood. It’s mine. I check my mouth. There is grit but no broken teeth. There is blood coming from the bridge of my nose and my forehead. I manage to get my crutches back and haul myself up. People guide me to a bench.

There’s people asking me questions but all at once and I can’t answer them. They are talking about an ambulance. I can’t see my face so I don’t know the extent of the damage. I feel fine but I may go into shock. I quickly call someone at work and say “I won’t be in tomorrow.”it sounds stupid but it immediately means one less ┬áthing to worry about. I text my brother and let him know I am going to hospital. The bus company is asking me if they should call an ambulance . This is weird. I can’t see the extent of the damage if you are looking at me and think I need an ambulance call one.

I tell him yes call an ambulance. A woman gets off the bus not looking at me but clearly agitated by the delay. She storms off into Takapuna. I don’t know her but already I don’t like her.

20 minutes later no ambulance, NZ Bus sends a little car and they drive me to the hospital. After filling out paper work they give me a quick clean up and concussion test. I’m all clear so far. I then wait for 4 or 5 hours to see a doctor. I don’t mind.

The emergency room is an interesting place. Everybody thinks they are a priority. I trust the nurses they make the list they know who is and who isn’t top priority. I am always amazed at how calm they manage to keep themselves.

A woman has come in with an allergic reaction. She’s told to wait. Her brother mentions it’s the third time this week. They are both older. The nurse calmly tells them they just have to wait.

An hour later they call a younger man. He storms to the desk demanding a doctor for her. The nurse tells them she’s not top priority right now.

The young man seizes on this and starts screaming “She’s not a priority! What does that mean?!” He also discloses she has a pretty bad health condition but it’s not related to the problem he’s clearly trying a sympathy plea.

A senior nurse exasperated tells him “I have two patients who’ve had their hearts restarted in the last few hours so on the list of priority your aunt is quite low, sorry.”.

Eventually they get to her but honestly the whole thing seemed unnecessary and stressful.

I am starting to doze off in the waiting room. I start watching the TV to try and stay awake, I also wonder if I’m drowsy because of concussion. Some St Johns volunteers arrive and are making tea and coffee. I ask for a coffee, just in time.

Around 9:30ish I see a doctor. He cleans my face and laughs. “Mate your nose is right proper messed up.”. He asks me about the accident.

This is what I have been going over in my head. I was on the ground fast. If I fall normally there’s a warning, you can feel when you’re about to fall. I couldn’t move my arms. I think someone must have knocked me from behind probably getting to a seat, I wouldn’t have felt it as they’d nudge my back pack. At that point somebody would have grabbed my arm to try and catch me. I couldn’t protect myself so here we are.

The doctor gives me a more detailed concussion test. I’m fine but I need to be careful for the next 48 hours. I set my alarms for two hours apart up till 8AM.

Finally I go home with an ointment for my nose and my finger drained, they just pricked it with a needle no antibiotics needed.

At 10pm I remember Movie Marathon tickets are on sale and manage to buy one.

I’ll be healed by then.


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