Disabled Life

My funny old phone.

My move to mobile phones was slow. I didn’t get one till it became necessary, about half way through film school in 1999. It was a brick. Eventually I got slimmer phones that were more robust and now I have a Nokia 33 something or other, It gets calls and texts and that’s all I need it for.

But I would be lying if I said I didn’t sometimes look at smartphones and think about upgrading. It would be great to have access to a map or being able to pull information off the internet where ever I was when I needed it. Then the issues of my disability come up.

I struggle with touch screens, badly. Any small/fine hand movement is difficult. Threading a needle, lacing a shoe, typing on a touch screen. It would take forever. There are voice to text apps but I don’t fancy speaking out loud to myself to send a text on the bus.

Robustness is also an issue. As funny as my old phone is it has survived many falls and drops. When I look at smartphones they look fragile and if one broke within a month of buying it I would end up feeling pretty stupid.

There’s also the fact that I don’t really trust ┬ásalespeople that much. A consequence of people pushing the hard sell on me. I once had a woman trying to sell me a book of restaurant vouchers

“I don’t eat out that much”

“But you could go out with your friends and save a lot of money”

“No that’s ok”

“Ohhh my God…I feel so sorry for you…you have no friends…you don’t go out…you’re really sad.” (This is not exaggerated this is what she was saying, there were hand movements and a kind of dance.)

I shut the door and left her making begging noises on the driveway. What she was doing was a legitimate sales technique. If you are selling cars you would make the buyer feel bad about their current car and make them feel better for showing interest in the newer car you are selling. This is how I saw it presented in a bbc documentary about sales techniques.

The other strange one is “Mirroring” where you mirror someone’s movements and speech patterns to try and build an instant rapport. I had an actress (who shall remain nameless) try mirroring me once during a meeting about a script. It freaked me out. She seemed really nice, she actually is I found out later, but something was off and during the conversation I never felt comfortable. We were seated and talking about the script. My foot was angled back due to cramped seating at the cafe we were in. Suddenly I had a foot spasm and it jolted me so my arm kind of slid across the table a bit.

Then her arm slides across the table.


I wrapped the meeting up pretty quickly, I was weirded out.

She didn’t get the part but we stayed in touch, I put it down to she was trying something out, maybe she was nervous.

Back to my phone situation. I’m sure at some point the time will come when I must upgrade. There will be a teething phase for my new phone and I.

But not today.