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NZIFF Diary -High Rise & Ghostbusters

I know Ghostbusters isn’t part of the festival but it served as a filler film between work,dinner and an 8:30pm screening of High Rise.

At the start of the day I had to make a choice. Go to the gym (in Takapuna) after work, then subway, then back into the city, then second dinner, then meet Kat & Tim and go to High Rise or go to another film around 4pm, it’ll get out at 6, walk to a cafe on Victoria St, have dinner, walk back to the civic. I opt not to go to the gym as I’ll just be sore in the screening.

Around 1:30 I start to feel bad about missing the gym, but if I walk to the Imax centre that should make up for it. It’s flat for half of it but has a couple of hills at the end. It’s 1.6 km (a little bit longer because I can’t use the stairway that cuts a bit out of the journey)

So after work I begin walking, a bus pulls up next to me and offers me a ride, I wave it off. As the bus pulls away it starts to rain..son of a …..nevermind the human body is mostly water anyway, suck it nature.

As I walk i’m trying to decide what my filler film will be. I chose Ghostbusters because I was at least a little curious. None of the other options appealed. There was a festival film but I had heard mixed reviews of it. A co-worker told me “I felt it was an hour longer than it needed to be.”. So despite it being a remake and the festival being on I go to Ghostbusters.


So much has been written about this film that at this point I’m not sure there’s much to add. I have a mixed history with Paul Feig/Melissa McCarthy films. I loved Spy,I thought Bridesmaids was ok, The Heat didn’t appeal to me (I’ve since seen it in bits and pieces.).

The 3D was good when the slime and proton streams are going they pour over the screen ┬áit’s very cool. The performances were fine. It was slow to start but once it got going it was funny, then it would chuck in a reference to the original film. The two are not connected.

The amount of references to the original film is over the top and it really does affect the overall film. If you like Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy’s work or you haven’t seen the original you’ll probably really like this. I found it funny in parts but just average overall. The concert scene is a real highlight. Also Chris Hemsworth and Cecily Strong are very funny in the small amount of time they’re given. I hope they’re given a sequel so that they can focus on a more original film. There is a scene after the credits that tells you where the sequel could be heading.

After Ghostbusters and a quick catch up with a friend I walk to Victoria St and into a cafe. Now I am cutting back on coffee but it’s been a long day and I have at least 5 hours to go before I’m in bed. I order a steak pie and a small flat white while I peruse the menu. This cafe has unlimited brunch (until 2 pm) so…….limited brunch bro.

I walk down to the Imax centre , I grab an ice cream (I have done a lot of walking today so don’t judge.) and I get a text from Kat she’s in town early. I agree to meet her at the civic.

We meet up at Starks and discuss what’s going on in our lives. Which is sooooo amazing you guys OMG! You wouldn’t believe it !

So I won’t elaborate.

As we’re chatting a few familiar faces pass by. We actually don’t chat about High Rise that much. Tim arrives and we get offered free tickets to High Rise by someone who was unable to attend, a free ride but we’d already paid. Damn you Alanis!

High Rise

High Rise is a tale of the haves and have nots played out in a tower block. The higher up you are the higher your wealth/status. It’s from Ben Wheatley who previously made Kill List and Sightseers I liked both those films when I saw them but I never felt the need to go back. I feel the same about High Rise. Robert Liang (Tom Hiddleston) moves into the Tower and right at the start we know where this is going as we see the end first. It’s about the journey. The intense, bloody, gory, tear the skin off your face journey. For the most part I was on the journey but about halfway through there’s a strange time jump and it feels like we’ve skipped a bit. The woman next to me kept covering her eyes at any sight of blood and during one particular sequence her hand was waving so much it looked like a John Cena impression. It is possible that I didn’t get it but I feel like I did. The film doesn’t say anything new. A very solid cast make it an interesting watch but Kat and I didn’t have much to say about it after. I was glad I saw it but I don’t need to see it again.

After the film we say our goodbyes and as Tim and Kat head home I stay have a chat with another friend who’s just seen it and then begin my quest for a cab home. It’s yet another walk…up Wellesley st and down the other side.

By time I get home I’m cold, tired and sore. I do the minimum to be ready for tomorrow and roll into bed at 11:35.


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NZIFF Diary – Green Room

Here we are it’s film festival time again. This year I have a mortgage and funds are low so I’m probably seeing 4 to 6 films, usually I see 13. But the good news is that Green Room is finally here and it feels like it’s been a long wait.

I watched the trailer just once online and from that I knew I wanted to see it with as little knowledge of the film as possible. All I knew was it was about a band who end up seeing something they shouldn’t have and they are trapped in a room with a club full of neo Nazi’s outside. So lets start at the beginning.

(Or just scroll to the bottom for the film part)

2pm The transport system in Auckland is being overhauled and now I have to get off a bus at the bottom of town. A quick check online tells me I have a 1.2 km walk from bus stop to theatre. The film starts at 9:15. It’s the festival so 9:15 means 9:15. No trailers.

4pm I’m home a little later then expected and the weather is looking stormy. Wet weather means a slippery footpath. I’ll leave early and give myself time to get there.

6:40pm I’m off, I get a few metres from the house and it starts raining. Sod it, I keep going. A car pulls up next to me “Hey Ant you wanna lift?”. Stranger danger kids.

7:pm I thank John and Beth (not their real names) for the ride they’ve given me. They seem like nice people and I hope the restaurant they go to is a good one.

7:05pm I get on the bus just as all the rain comes down, HARD! It’s got 20 minutes to sort itself out. As the bus arrives in the city there is a double decker blocking the way. Our driver is pissed! He drives up to the other bus and opens the door to have a yell but double decker driver refuses to open his window, they just eye ball each other for a bit. 2 bus 2 furious.

7:26pm I move quickish through the city and get to the theatre with plenty of time to spare….SO MUCH TIME…I’m quicker than I thought. There is a red carpet, lights and 2 DJ’s playing outside Sky City…this is interesting.

7:45pm Turns out it isn’t. Miriama Kamo and some guy in a sparkly suit introduce a fashion show. There’s maybe 90 people here. It’s outside, it’s windy and rainy. I’ve never seen a proper fashion show I should check this out. It’s a 14 year old designer named George. The first two models come out…I’m hungry so I leave. I’m not a fashionable guy so why start now.

8pm As I find a cafe to eat I over hear a homeless man having a conversation about league. He’s very interested in the bunnies and sharkies. The man in a suit asks him “What’s your story?” “It’s on my board bro just read my board.” He then waits while suit reads his board.

8:10pm I order a pumpkin soup and hot chocolate, I’m cutting back on coffee. The staff are watching my every move, the manager actually met me at the door before I entered the cafe. God I miss coffee.

8:45pm The disabled toilet at Sky City has no soap dispenser. That’s not that interesting except that it’s brand new and they haven’t put one in, this is the second time I’ve seen a brand new toilet with no soap dispenser, clearly an able bodied plot to kill the disabled through spreading disease is afoot.

8:55pm I get to the theatre and have a quick chat with Duncan and Lucia. He’s heard the same things about Green Room…our conversation is interrupted as one of the ushers has seen me and offers to take me in the side door saving me a trip up the stairs.

9:10pm I’m seated third row centre. It’s not that bad. I hope this film is worth it.


Green Room – The film has quite a slow build and it feels like it’s the start of a road trip movie for the first 20 mins. It doesn’t take long for a sense of dread to creep in and then things just get more and more intense. The cast overall is pretty great, Anton Yelchin is fantastic as is Patrick Stewart as the club owner/gang leader. I also liked seeing Imogen Poots doing something other then being the pretty girl. The score is unintrusive, I really didn’t notice it that much nor did the camera work seem flashy. Perhaps because the atmosphere is just so nerve wracking. If it gets a general release I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Honestly the less you know the better. If you like horror or thrillers you’ll enjoy it.